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Ferrari 360 cam-belt and clutch package





Our comprehensive clutch and cam belt service includes: A new clutch, re-greased C.V joints whilst your gear box is out of the car, new cam-belts, new auxilary belts, new oil filter,new air filters, new pollen filter, new engine oil, new coolant, 4 wheel alignment and a 111 point check of your Ferrari, checking all aspects of your vehicle. We also carry out a full diagnostic check up on your car and set your cam timing to an exact degree with our `SD` machine as well as erasing any errors on your car`s ECU`s and we carry out a self learning procedure on your gearbox, perfectly synchronising your gear box. (print outs are available)


Through out the service we will take many pictures of the work being carried out, we will e-mail these pictures to you to show you the progress that is being made on your car. As previously mentioned, we carry out a full 4 wheel alignment on your car, setting the car up perfectly. You would be surprised at how many poorly set up cars are out there and often the owners think everything is ok as they have nothing to compare their car to, so it is often that owners can not believe how different their car feels with a proper geometry set up.


Once the service and all related jobs are complete, we road test the car, checking all functions of your car. Once we are satisfied all is perfect we valet the car in side and out as well as the engine bay, we also stamp your service book and print off all photos of your car for your cars service history.

We offer this extremely thorough service for an un repeatable price of £2200 +VAT.



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