Ferrari F355 servicing

Ferrari 355 18,000 cambelt service package:



  • We remove the engine from the car to do the job properly, unlike many that merely remove the petrol tank, by doing this we get the chance to inspect the engine properly plus we are able to detail the engine and components in order to keep your car in exceptional condition


  • We change all of the lubricants, all of the filters and all of the belts on your car in order to keep your pride and joy reliable. Each service is carried out to the highest standard with exceptional attention to detail and thoroughness.


  • When your engine is out of the car, we remove both cam covers in order to check the cam timing via the timing marks and to paint your cam covers in Ferrari red which are no doubt looking a little tired by now and of course fit the genuine Ferrari cam belts.


  • We fully document your service (as well as all work we do) with photo`s to put in your history folder and as proof of the work done.


  • Before the engine is re-installed we carefully check all pipes etc and carry out a `nut and bolt check`. We also check for perished pipes and corroded fastners and eliminate any future problems as well as we possibly can. As well as inspect all four brake discs, pads and flexible hoses for wear and damage.


  • When the engine is installed back into the car and everything is connected/ tightened we put new oil, power steering fluid, gear box oil, anti freeze and brake fluid into the car (f1 fluid where applicable) plus re-gas your air conditioning after re-placing the 0-ring seals and start the engine. We let the car run up to temperature and make sure the cooling fans cut in, we also check and adjust the oil level and power steering fluid and adjust the hand brake travel.


  • When we are satisfied with the engine we put our geometry guages on your car and get all 4 wheels pointing in the right direction, you would be amazed at how many badly set up cars come through our doors. With the set up complete your car will handle great, the steering wheel will be central and your tyres will wear evenly.


  • Your car will then be road tested to make sure everything is how it should be, once satisfied, your car will be thoroughly valeted inside and out as well as the engine bay, the lubricant levels will be checked once more as well as tyre pressures and the wheels will be torqued down to the correct tightness. The car is then ready to be collected and enjoyed with peace of mind.



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